“TSE Appointed as Notified Body for G Mark ”
Following the accreditation of the Gulf Cooperation Council Accreditation Center(GAC), Turkish Standards Institution has now been appointed as notified body (No. 0030) by GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) within the scope of LVD and Children Toys Directive.
According to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) decision, it is now mandatory for electrical products and children’s toys being exported to the Gulf States to conform GSO standards. By July 1, 2016; importers, distributors or manufacturers require G Mark certification process in order to place their products in Gulf State markets. 
G-Mark indicates that the product conforms the health, safety and environmental requirements and is defined under the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Low Voltage Technical Regulation BD142004-01 and Technical Regulation on Children Toys BD-131704-01. Obligations of Conformity Assessment Bodies(CAB) as Notified Bodies(NB) are also given in the regulations.
Conformity Marking for GCC Countries, in other words G-Marking has been issued in execution of the goals of the Gulf Cooperation Council to realize the integration and connection between the member countries in all fields and support their unity, and according to the goals of the “economical agreement” between the Council countries, which established the basis of the common market for the GCC countries, to develop the common work method between the Council countries, and whereas a unified conformity marking shall be used to facilitate the control process of the common market for the GCC countries by the competent authorities of the member countries, and to clarify the commitments of the manufacturers and importers in regards to the mark by virtue of the applied systems. This regulation lays down the form, the process and the meaning of affixing the marking as well as the declaration of conformity.
For more information, see Conformity Marking for the GCC Countries
G-Mark Certification process for importers, distributors or manufacturers includes:
  • Applying to a Conformity Assessment Body(CAB) as a Notified Body(NB) from GCC Standardization Organization (GSO).
  • Testing products within the scope of related regulations mentioned above.
  • Approval of products following assessment. 
  • Receiving certificate and use of G-Mark for placing on products.
In the following is the guidance document for registration of products bearing the G-Mark:
Regarding conformity assessment procedures within the scope of the Gulf Technical Regulations, please find below TSE Certfication Programmes for LVD products and Children’s Toys.
GCC Technical Regulation on Children Toys:
Nefise Betül HIDIROĞLU
Email: bhidiroglu@tse.org.tr
T: +90 0312 416 6710
GSO Technical Regulation on Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances:
Merve Hatice KARATAŞ
Email: mkaratas@tse.org.tr
T: +90 312 416 6375
TSE Representative in Gulf Region:
Mithat DOĞUELLİ – Coordinator
Email: riyad@tse.org.tr
T: +966 11 252 9190


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