TSE Offers Water Closet Testing Services Based on SASO Standards

As a notified body from Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality (SASO), Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) provides conformity assesment services to manufacturers within Turkey and Euorpean Region.

TSE is pleased to announce that it is now able to perform Water Closet testing acc. SASO 1473 and SASO 1474 standards (Ceramic Sanitary Appliances: Water Closets and Test Methods for Water Closets) at its laboratory in Manisa, Turkey.

For further information and testing request, please contact:

  • Şahap Gürler PAŞA

Director – TSE Directorate of Laboratories in Aegean Region

T: +902323764538

Email: sgpasa@tse.org.tr


  • Ahmet Can ÇIRPI

Chief Technician – TSE Directorate of Mechanics Laboratory in Gebze/İstanbul

T: +902627231588

Email: accirpi@tse.org.tr

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