TSE Appointed as Authorized Body for the SASO Quality Mark

Starting from August 2016, Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) has been appointed as the sole notified body (Notify No: 2016/41) by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) for surveillance of 30 product groups in Turkey according to the new SASO regulations. With this authorization, TSE provides Certificate of Conformity (CoC) services to exporters and manufacturers on behalf of SASO.  

Recently, SASO has published regulations related to particular product groups that require CoC and as a first step 11 regulations are made obligatory for product exporters and manufacturers.

TSE has successfully fulfilled the application process and now has been authorized by SASO  in order to remove trade barriers which companies may face during their exports to Saudi Arabia.

The Partial Mandating Agreement was signed on June 7, 2017 in Jeddah, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between TSE and SASO. TSE delegation consisting of Secretary General Mr. Mehmet Bozdemir, Director of Global Business Development Mrs. Nefise Betül Hıdıroğlu and SASO delegation consisting of SASO Vice Governor Mr. Saud Al-Askar, Director General of SASO's Makkah Branch  Mr. Mutlaq R. AlTayari and Quality Manager Mr. Abdulbasit A. Khan participated in the signing ceremony.


The Regulations requiring SASO Quality Mark mandatorily:

  1. Technical Regulation for Lubricating Oils 
  2. Technical Regulation for Detergents 
  3. Technical Regulation for Paints (Dyes) and Varnishes 
  4. Technical Regulation for the Electric Self-balancing Boards (Scooter)
  5. Technical Regulation for Building Materials- part I: Metals and their Alloys for constructions and buildings
  6.  Technical Regulation for Building Materials- Part II: Insulating and Cladding Materials for Buildings
  7. Technical Regulation for Degradable Plastic Products
  8. Technical Regulation for Gas Appliances and their Accessories
  9. Technical Regulation for Energy Efficiency
  10. Technical Regulation for Water Conservation Devices
  11. Technical Regulations for the procedures of data registration and the issuance of label Energy efficiency in vehicles and tires


For further information and to make application, please contact Certification Department of TSE:

Contact Information:

Ömer TOKUCU - Expert

Chemistry Sector Directorate

Phone: +90 312 416 6607

e-mail: omert@tse.org.tr


E-mail: international@tse.org.tr

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