TSE and Ukraine SES Launch Cooperation on Construction Fire Safety

TSE and Ukraine State Emergency Service (SES) have signed agreement on construction fire safety. According to the agreement, test reports issued by TSE in the field of fire reaction and fire resistance are now recognized by SES.

Moreover, exporters have to obtain a reference letter issued by TSE along with these test reports in order to enter their goods to Ukraine. Within the scope of this agreement, TSE test reports with the reference letter will be accepted by relevant Ukrainian authorities.

For the reference letter inquiry:

TSE Fire and Insulation Laboratories

Email: int-dkmb@tse.org.tr

Phone: +90 216 560 05 61

For the further issues subjected to the exports within the scope of TSE Services:

TSE Global Business Development Directorate

Email: international@tse.org.tr

Phone:  +90 312 416 67 10-12

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