Handover at TSE Management

The Turkish Standards Instituion’s activities for 2021, the Final Account, and the Board of Directors were all discharged, The Auditing Committee Report for 2021 was presented and information about the 2022 budget was provided at the 61st Ordinary General Assembly.

Elections for the President, Board of Directors, and Technical Board members were held during the General Assembly. Mahmut Sami Şahin was elected with a majority of votes as the 18th Chairman of the Board of Directors (TSE President) at TSE's 61st Ordinary General Assembly.

Dr. Halil İbrahim Çetin, Mehmet Bozdemir, Prof. Ahmet Çarhan and Mehmet Tuncay Yıldırım have joined the Board of Directors.

Mahmut Sami Şahin thanked the members of the General Assembly on behalf of the newly formed management and stated that he is aware of the task's responsibility and said;

“On the road to a great and strong Türkiye, in accordance with its founding purpose of participating in the management bodies of international and regional standardization organizations, increasing Türkiye’s effectiveness in the preparation of international standards, and providing all certification, inspection-surveillance, and testing services that our business world requires in the field of conformity assessment, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has put their trust in us and we will do our best to be worthy of this trust.”

Noting that TSE's standardization and conformity assessment services in the fields of 'high value-added production,' 'industrial productivity increase,' and 'digital transformation' act as a key that unlocks global markets for industrialists Şahin expressed that;

“In order to increase the competitiveness of our country, to facilitate trade at the national and international levels and to raise society's living standards, as it has done in the past, our Institution will continue to contribute to our country's long-term progress by offering impartial, independent, effective, and dependable services to the country's industrialists and consumers, who are the country's economic building blocks with the mission of providing standardization and conformity assessment activities objectively, independently, effectively and reliably and with the vision of "being a preferred, guiding and leading institution in its services, nationally, regionally and internationally."

Şahin who thanked the previous term's Chairman of the Board of Directors and Board members said “As  TSE, as an institution that has a say in the global arena in the standard preparation processes, in the national and international arena, especially in the strategic and priority sectors, we will continue to improve our corporate structure under the leadership of our President, in line with the vision of the National Technology Move put forward by our Ministry, the expectations of our business world  and the goals of our country.

At the same time, we will make an effort to develop it in the direction of providing planned, qualified service production and supervision by ensuring the efficient use of corporate resources."

Following the talks, the event was relocated to the TSE building for the handover of responsibilities. Prof. Adem Şahin, the former President, congratulated Mahmut Sami Şahin on his new position and handed flowers to him.


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