TSE Experiences are Transferred to Kazakhstan

The Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and the Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Metrology (KazStandard) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to establish a halal quality infrastructure based on standards accepted by The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC), evaluate the conformity of halal products, and transfer their experience to Kazakhstan.

The global Muslim population's interest and demand for the certification of halal products and services is growing. Today, the term “halal” refers to a broad range of industries, including food, finance, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, logistics, and tourism. The fact that the concept of halal includes hygienic features at every stage, from production to consumer delivery of products, indicates that awareness in this area will continue to increase.

Contribution to Trade Volume in a Positive Manner

In order to remove barriers to the trade of halal products, emphasis is placed on the establishment of a globally recognized halal certification system. In this context, SMIIC, which is an affiliate of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), is regarded as the most appropriate platform for making arrangements for the establishment of a system in this direction. With the activation of OIC/SMIIC standards prepared with contributions from OIC member countries and the implementation of the accreditation system, it is expected that the volume of trade with halal certificates will increase.

The Memorandum of Understanding Has Been Signed

TSE which is the first accredited Institution in the world in accordance with the " General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons Involved in the Halal Related Activities," continues to work both domestically and internationally to demonstrate the real potential of the halal product and service trade. TSE signed a Memorandum with the Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Metrology (KazStandard) to establish a halal quality infrastructure based on SMIIC standards in Kazakhstan, evaluate the conformity of halal products and share its experiences in Türkiye.

Cooperation With KazStandard

The two Instutions will collaborate on issues such as the establishment of a halal quality infrastructure in Kazakhstan and conformity assessment according to the memorandum signed by TSE President Mahmut Sami Şahin and KazStandard General Director Gabit Mukhambetov in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) General Assembly Meeting was held. They will support each other in adopting and implementing SMIIC standards and exchange views on global halal quality infrastructure.

The two Institutions will collaborate to help build a highly productive economy based on knowledge and innovation, as well as to expand cooperation in the field of food, agriculture, and halal product conformity assessment.

Sharing Experiences

Commenting on the signed agreement and the work to be done in Kazakhstan, TSE President Mahmut Sami Şahin stated that the Institution is the member of all international standardization organizations. Noting that TSE's activities in the field of halal certification have expanded, Şahin stated, "We conduct food certification on a voluntary basis. We will transfer our experience in the building and development of halal certification infrastructure to KazStandard. We will share information on the conformity assessment of halal products, current requirements and certification programs. Additionally, we will conduct studies to strengthen KazStandard's capacities in the fields of standardization and conformity assessment."


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