Message From TSE President Şahin On World Quality Day

The second Thursday in November was designated as "World Quality Day" by the United Nations in 1990 in an effort to increase public awareness of the value of quality in fostering welfare and institutional growth. In this context, November 10 is recognized as World Quality Day.

The demand for high-quality goods and services by conscious consumers is an important development in terms of social development and economic competitiveness. In order to meet this expectation, service providers renew themselves institutionally and work on issues such as efficiency, customer satisfaction, environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

Today, producing goods and services in accordance with international standards as well as meeting customer expectations and satisfaction, has become the fundamental condition of competition in all industries. Implementing quality management systems which cover all organizational phases from design to production, from personnel policy to marketing and after-sales services is the only way to achieve this.

TSE conducts global quality studies, participates in international organization management mechanisms and develops policies and strategies there. Our Institution uses these activities to represent our producers and consumers in these mechanisms and to make decisions that are beneficial to our nation.

Our Instution carry out its activites in coordination with the international organizations such as ISO, EOQ, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, SMIIC and IQNet as a member of these organizations with a service approach based on digital transformation, sustainable growth, innovation, customer satisfaction, efficiency and risk management which are the essential components of quality comprehension. 

TSE contributes to expand quality infrastructure in national instutions and organizations by providing training support during the establishment of management systems and personnel training, as well as certification and subsequent audits. At the same time, TSE works to build high-quality infrastructure in every sector of our country, which has a thriving economy and social structure.

Our Institution which conducts its activities to increase public awareness of quality understanding, places a high value on the assimilation and dissemination of the power of quality. With these feelings and thoughts, I wish you a Happy World Quality Day.


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