Calibration Services

Ankara Calibration Laboratory

Within its body there are mechanical, temperature, electrical, dimension, pressure, volume, biomedical calibration laboratories. Our laboratories are accredited by TURKAK according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and with this accreditation; competence and validity of calibration certificates given by our laboratories are acknowledged both domestically and internationally.

Our laboratories focused on the area which our industry mostly requires service and our managament provided approximately 12.000 calibration certficates in 2012 for private companies and public institutions. Calibrations are carried out according to the international standards and methods given in the international articles.

Our mechanical calibration laboratory is capable of carrying out calibration in 16 areas like tension-compression-bending test machines, concrete compression test machines, charpy impact testing machines and topics etc.

Our temperature calibration laboratory can provide service in 68 areas like thermocouples, thermo –resistors, radiation thermometers, and glass thermometers etc.

Our electrical calibration laboratory is capable of carrying out calibration in 102 areas like voltage and current in low voltage DC/AC, resistors, capacitance and inductance, high frequency etc.

With our Dimension, Pressure, Volume and Biomedical Calibration Laboratories, we are constantly increasing the number of devices we can calibrate.


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