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Pressure can be described as the amount of perpendicular force acting on a surface per unit area. Pressure units may vary according to the countries and field of use. Pascal is used as the most basic unit in SI unit system. This basic unit was expressed by Blaise Pascal in the mid-1600s.

Turkish Standard Institution Pressure Calibration Laboratories were accredited by Turkish Accreditation Agency and has an experienced and qualified staff. In our laboratory, low measurement uncertainties are reported using high technology devices. TSE Pressure Calibration Laboratories has the principle of providing the fastest and most accurate service.

Motor compression testers, barometers, analogue/digital pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, manometers, pressure calibrators, pressure transducers, transmitters can be calibrated by TSE Pressure Calibration Laboratory. It is also possible to calibrate specific devices for different sectors; such as paper blasting testers, faucet battery testers and pipe blasting testers.



The unit of length of the International Measurement System is meter and is briefly indicated by, "m". Today, 1 meter is defined as the path that monochromatic light takes in 1/299 792 458 seconds in vacuum. This definition has been accepted in order to compare the measurements in various laboratories of the world.

The autorized staff of the TSE Dimensional Calibration Laboratory have participated in the dimensional calibration trainings given by National Metrology Institute. In addition, comparison tests are applied between the staff at least once a year.

TSE Dimensional Calibration Laboratory offers a wide range of services. 3D coordination measuring instrument, dimension gauges, CNC machine, steel ruler, applicators, Sieves, flick standard, extensometer calibrator, ring gauge, thread gauges, internal micrometers, thickness foil, thickness gauge measuring instrument, thickness gauges, angle gauges, calipers, spheres, micrometers, dial gauges, block gauges, penetrometers, profile projector, universal measuring instruments, long block gauges, V bearings, height measuring device, surface roughness reference devices can be calibrated in the TSE Dimensional Calibration Laboratorty. It is also possible to calibrate devices subject to dimensional measurements in different sectors.