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 İzmir Ex Laboratory Technical Chiefdom

Our Main Activity;

Test services for "d" type “Flameproof Enclosures used in Flammable Gas Atmospheres”. The laboratory is unique in TSE and the most advanced laboratory in Turkey in this field. In 2012, in respect of this subject, it was accredited against test methods numbered as TS EN 60079-1 and TS EN 13463-3 by TURKAK in scope of TS EN ISO/IEC17025.

The Second Main Activity;

Test services for determination of “Reaction to Fire Classes of all Construction Products and Construction Components” such as floorings, ceiling, wall, woodwork and PVC joinery, hydraulic adhesives, all productions for the purpose of insulation (XPS, EPS etc.), sandwich panels according to TS EN 13501-1 standard in accordance with “Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings” and “Regulation on Construction Products”. Our laboratory is also accredited in these areas by TURKAK since 2004 in scope of TS EN ISO/IEC17025.

At the same time, our laboratory is appointed as Notified Laboratory by Ministry of Public Works and European Commission with Notified Body number of 1783.

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