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TSE Appointed as Notified Body for G Mark

TSE is proud to be the first notified conformity assessment body for G Mark in Turkey and also first for G Mark-Toys Directive in Europe.
According to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) decision, it is now mandatory for low voltage electrical products and children’s toys being exported to the Gulf States (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen) to conform GSO standards. Importers, distributors or manufacturers require G Mark on their products in order to enter Gulf State markets.
G-Mark indicates that the product conforms the health, safety and environmental requirements and is defined under the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Low Voltage Technical Regulation (BD142004-01) and Technical Regulation on Children Toys (BD-131704-01). Obligations of Conformity Assessment Bodies(CAB) as Notified Bodies(NB) are also given in the regulations.
Turkish Standards Institution(TSE) is the sole standardization body in Turkey who operates also in diverse fields of the quality infrastructure that includes certification, testing, training as well as surveillance and inspection activities all over the world and aims to eliminate trade barriers among countries. In accordance with this purpose, TSE has been accredited first by the Gulf Cooperation Council Accreditation Center(GAC) and now appointed as notified body (No. 0030) by GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) within the scope of LVD and Children Toys Directive.
For more information:
BD142004-01 (GCC Technical Regulation for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances)
Application Form
Additional Information Form
GC Type Examination (GMARK LVD) Certification Programme
BD-131704-01 (GCC Technical Regulation on Children Toys)
Toys Application Form
Toys Conformity Assessment
Price List
Price Instruction
Use of the GSO Conformity Tracking Symbol (GCTS)
TSE Procedure for the Assessment of Objection, Complaint and Dispute
TSE Conformity Assessment Procedures and Principles
TSE Procedure for the Use of the TSE Mark, Logo and Certification
GCC Technical Regulation on Children Toys:
Nefise Betül HIDIROĞLU
Email: bhidiroglu@tse.org.tr
T: +90 0312 416 6710  
GCC Technical Regulation on Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances:
Email: hdurukan@tse.org.tr
T: +90 312 416 6480   
TSE Coordinator in Saudi Arabia  
Email: riyad@tse.org.tr
T: +966 11 252 9190


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