Construction Materials Fire and Acoustic Laboratory

Construction Materials Fire and Acoustic Laboratory

The largest test centre in the field of insulation sector in Turkey.


This test center, which was established on a building site of 7500 m2, costed approximately a budget of 15 M Euros.


Has Acoustic, Reaction to Fire, Fire Resistance, Heat and Water Insulation Departments


In addition to test services, it’s targeted to train experienced personnels in the fields of acoustics and fire which need proficiency.


It’s become an attraction center for both manufacturers and R&D activities, because it assembles all kinds of insulation tests in an unique site.


Providing  acoustics-fire-heat-water insulation tests, which are compulsory for CE Marking in the scope of Construction Products Regulation (CPR), as both an accredited and a notified laboratory.


A laboratory, Not only for Building Materials sector, but also providing test services for many sectors such as Aviation  (FAA Part 25), Marine (IMO Resolutions), Railroads (EN 45545), Defense Industry etc.


Providing infrastructure services for R&D activities which are both related to universities and industry. As a support for the tests of manufacturers’ R&D activities, acoustics camera is used for acoustics tests and thermal camera is used for fire and heat insulation tests.


Providing test services as the sub-contractor of THY (Turkish Airlines) Technic and TCI (Turkish Cabin Interior)  in non-combustibility tests.


A full member of EGOLF. Performing a close follow-up for updating the European fire standardization activities via participating in annual meetings of EGOLF and CEN TC 127 (Technical Committee for Fire Safety in Buildings).


Our frame system, which is used in both acoustics and fire tests, can provide fast and easy testing means.





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