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14001 - Environmental Management System

14001 – Environmental Management System

It is now accepted throughout the world that our globe that keeps getting smaller and smaller everyday has limited resources, and that the impact of products and activities is no more bound by local or regional domains but extend beyond, to the global domain. This understanding has introduced the need for control of environmental impacts through market forces rather than legal administration. Today’s consumers not only demand to have their expectations and needs met at the highest level but also to have respect and value shown to their living environments and the world, and seeks after these at the market. These developments have introduced organizations’ need for a management system that would allow them to keep their interactions with the environment under control and to continually improve their environmental performance and achievements.

Throughout the world, Environmental Management System is recognized by the ISO 14001 standard. Subsequent to ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard, Environmental Management System has also been rapidly recognized and adopted by international organizations.

TS EN ISO 14001 facilitates;

  • Improved conformance to national and/or international regulations,
  • Improved environmental performance,
  • Increased advantage at internation competitiveness,
  • Improved reputability and market share for organisations,
  • Reduced costs and increased effectiveness through developing cost control,
  • Reduced accidents with liabilities and similar through preparedness for emergencies (earthquake, fire, flood etc.) and accidents
  • Control and reduction of pollution starting at the source of origin,
  • Savings on raw materials and energy,
  • Ease of obtaining permit and license documents,
  • Acceptance by the global market.

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