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22000 - Food Safety Management System

22000 – Food Safety Management System

The crucial factors that changes power dynamics and determines international competitiveness are efficient use of resources and ensuring access to reliable products by customers.

Global developments indicate that the most important sector in future will be agriculture and the most important product food. The most important driving factor in regards to agricultural production providing the food supply on the other hand is the customer demand. Customers seek evidence for reliability of products offered.

ISO 22000 Food Safety management system standard is an international standard that has been developed in order to establish a global safe food production chain.

Implementing this standard facilitates;

  • Ensuring product traceability at every stage of production by means of establishing efficient communication inbetween all relevant parties including consumers and legal bodies,
  • Control, complete removal or mitigation to acceptable levels of hazards with a potential to harm human health,
  • Management of risks,
  • Conformance to legal authorities,
  • Resource optimization by means of reduced need for post-production validation
  • Improved competitiveness and brand credibility in international market
  • Development of proactive system of thinking instead of reactive.

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