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18001 - Occupational Health And Safety Management System

18001 – Occupational Health And Safety Management System

One of the most critical human resources problems of organizations is the lack of safe and healthy working environment for employees. In order to achieve better competitive capacity, organizations need to carry out planned and systematic actions in regards to employee health and safety. Given that standards like TS EN ISO 9001 and TS EN ISO 14001 concentrate on quality and environment respectively, there arose a need for a distinct standard in regards to ensuring and maintaining occupational health and safety by organizations.

TS 18001 facilitates;

  • Preservation of resources by integrating HSE actions with other actions,
  • Ensuring management’s commitment,
  • Increased motivation and engagement,
  • Reduced time and cost of achieving comformance with national legislation and international standards,
  • Increased competitiveness through meeting stakeholders’ demand and expectations,
  • Systemmatic dissemination of HSE actions implemented by organizations.

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