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10002 - Customer Satisfaction Management System

 10002 – Customer Satisfaction Management System

Expansion of global trade and proliferation of similar organizations nowadays have resulted in a much fiercer competitive environment, which in turn underlined even more the importance of concept of customer, the foremost raison d’être of every organization. Organizations can no longer afford to stand indifferent to customers’ expectation and complaints. Variability of customer expectations at the individual level hinders controlling this situation and therefore necessitates a systematic approach. Today, striving to meet customer expectations thru traditional methods is not sufficient anymore. Increased customer expectations and decreased market share have resulted in organizations’ experiencing difficulties in establishing and managing customer satisfaction processes.

Effort towards systematic handling of customer complaints started in early 1990s with Customer Relations Management (CRM) studies. In 2004, (International Organization for Standardization) launched ISO 10002 standard, which became available in Turkey in 2006, under the title, TS ISO 10002:2006.

Gaining new customers is at least 4 times more costly then retaining existing customers. Therefore, organizations losing customers need to bear great effort and costs to recover such losses and regain credibility. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to operate the management system thru a preventive approach, common to all management systems.

TS ISO 10002;

  • Provides guidance to organizations as to the course of action when a customer complaint is encountered,
  • Upon a dispute with customers, provides guidance to organizations as to whether an apology is sufficient or a more comprehensive action is required for compensation including payment for damages,
  • Ensures that disputes with customers are addressed in the most fair manner,
  • Enables identifying room for improvement based on complaints received.

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