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TSE K 118 - Precast Concrete Structural Elements - Quality Management System

TSE K 118 – Precast Concrete Structural Elements - Quality Management System

Construction sector is a strong and leading sector that, thru worldwide range of operations, enables formation of living environments for people, engages in economically significant activities, and provides employment even at times of crisis. Furthermore, given that it utilizes inputs from both the product and service sector, it never loses importance in terms of its impact on all other sectors, and deserve to be monitored and supported consistently.

Foremost components of ever-expanding construction sector are quality, efficiency, design, utilizing modern technology, control and safety. In the global world, standardization and obtaining certification in this sector is gradually becoming more and more crucial.

About 90% of industrial structures in Turkey are constructed thru precast construction methodology; therefore, the need for this system has arisen to achieve improved means of self-control in the sector, thereby developing a new system for this sector.

This standard is based on TS EN ISO 9001 standard’s process model and certain clauses of the standard have been elaborated further for the sector.  In certification of Precast Concrete Structural Elements, as per cooperation agreement signed with Turkey Precast Union, project design, production and assembly phases for all precast structures are co-audited and co-certificated by both TSE and the Union, based on roles allocated to each party in the agreement. This management system developed in Turkey is the first of its kind in the world

TSE K 118 aims to;

  • Enable development and dissemination of quality awareness, quality infrastructure and sustainable competitiveness in Precast Concrete sector,
  • By means of conformance to requirements of the Standard, improve product/ service quality as well as reliability and take customer satisfaction to the highest level possible,

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For Detailed Information;
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