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22301 - Societal Security - Business Continuity Management System

22301 – Societal Security – Business Continuity Management System

This standard is a risk-based management system standard for establishing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, ensuring sustainability, and improving business continuity.

This standard, by means of establishing processes, procedures, decisions and actions aimed towards ensuring that the organization maintains product or service providing capacity at a previously-decided acceptable level in case of an event disrupting operations and that the organization remains operational in case an activity is disrupted; in other words, by means of reactive and proactive planning to facilitate organizations to avoid crises and disasters; assists organizations in quickly achieving normalcy upon occurrence of such events.

TS ISO 22301;

  • Enables identification and management of existing and potential threats to operations,
  • Follows a proactive approach to minimize impact of events,
  • Supports maintaining critical functions in times of crisis,
  • Enables improving post-crisis recovery period, and minimizing operation stops at the time or as a consequence of such events,
  • Enables showing flexibility required to meet customer and supplier’s demands/ requests,
  • Provides a systematic approach for organizations to be able to ensure business continuity,
  • Provides ease of management by means of requirements it incorporates regarding organizational structure, employees, policies, planning actions, procedures, processes and resources,
  • Improves customer level of satisfaction and confidence by means of supporting all good business continuity practices,

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