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15224 - Healthcare Services Quality Management System

15224 – Healthcare Services Quality  Management System

This standard is a sector-specific quality management standard for healthcare service providing organizations. It can be implemented in a stand-alone manner by healthcare service providers. Its requirements include TS EN ISO 9001:2008 requirements as well as additional specific definitions. This is; a quality management system standard that can be implemented in the entire healthcare sector including basic healthcare, prehospital care and hospital services, tertiary healthcare services, nursing homes, flophouses, preventive healthcare services, care services for mentally challenged, dental care, physiotherapy, occupational disease care services, rehabilitation centers and drugstores. 

TS EN 15224 facilitates;

  • Planning and control of activities for healthcare providers,
  • Support for process management in regards to healthcare services,
  • Reduced process errors and services costs thru effective process management,
  • Control and risk management, thru its risk-based structure, for clinical services,
  • Provision of a prerequisite (and requirements) to access new corporate clients,
  • Domestic healthcare tourism sector and increased confidence by foreign clients,
  • Maintaining dynamic structure of organizations thru annual surveillance process common to all management system certification schemes,
  • TS EN 15224 management system can be integrated with other management systems such as ISO 14001, OHSAS, ISO 27001

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