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28000 - Supply Chain Security Management System

28000 – Supply Chain Security Management System

This is an international standard that specifies the requirements of Supply Chain Security Management System and provides a management system model to organizations wishing to implement the system.

The term security in Supply Chain Security Management System implies counteracting activities that may harm the supply chain intentionally or thru unauthorized action. In this context, it enables organizations to control potential risks to supply chain by means of an effective risk assessment by organizations in certain fields.

TS ISO 28000 facilitates;

  • Effective management of supply chain risks thru including organizations’ supply chain-related activities under the umbrella of other management systems,
  • Identification of security risks in all sectors of industry and implementing required measures and minimizing potential damages,
  • By means of submitting related activites to top management’s attention, ensuring support of the system by top management,
  • By means of demonstrating capability to identify and control security risks to customs authorities, ease of business and operations,
  • For organisations active in European market, increased confidence by legal authorities to organisations in context of AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) applications, given that most requirements thereof are in line with that of the standard,
  • Increased confidence by insurance agencies, reduced insurance costs,
  • Incrased international competitiveness by means of implementation of an effective Security Management System.

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