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29990 - Learning Services For Non-Formal Education Management System

29990 – Learning Services For Non-Formal Education Management System

TS ISO 29990 standard aims to improve quality of global-scale organisations in regards to non-formal education. In addition to increased profitability thru improved quality, this standard also provides ease in terms of administration and control, and plays a role in increasing transparency and allowing global benchmarking in regards to educational services.

Purposes of TS ISO 29990 standard include providing a general model for a high-quality vocational practive and performance, and providing a common reference in regards to design, development and implementation of non-formal education, training and development for learning service providers (LSPs) and clients thereof.

Given that this standard focuses on competence of LSPs, it enables client organisations and persons to choose an LSP that can meet their needs and expectations towards improving their competence and capabilities, and it can be used in certifying LSPs.

TS ISO 29990;

  • Provides a verifiable, certifiable education model,
  • Enables transparency and comparability of education services,
  • Provides addressing education models within a framework of risk management,
  • Enables improvement in operational processes by means of increasing organizational effectiveness.

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