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22716 Gmp - Good Manufacturing Practices

22716 Gmp – Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), are a series of protective measures aimed towards manufacturing, under reliable conditions and systems, of products that directly affect human health, such as food, medicine, cosmetics and medical devices; and towards preventing potential contamination throughout the entire manufacturing process, from preparation to distribution, and increasing reliability. As per the Cosmetics Regulation enacted by EU in 2010, all cosmetics producers are required to conform to good manufacturing practices for cosmetics. In accordance with the practice that is about to be put in effect in Turkey, GMP certificate will be required for products imported to Turkey as well as products exported.

Tse and Gmp Certification

Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) provides certification for GMP of firms operating in cosmetics sector in Turkey and in international arena, based on “TS EN ISO 22716/February 2013 Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Guidance on Good Manufacturing Practices“ standard. Criteria to be used for certification of GMPs on other topics are developed by TSE’s Chemicals Sector Certification Directorate, based on guidance standards, and certification is carried out based on these developed criteria. By means of organizing workshops on GMP cases and firms’ needs, TSE allows informing of manufacturers before certification.

Product Groups Certified Under TS EN ISO 22716

  • Infant Products,
  • Personal Hygiene and Bath Products,
  • Eye Care and Make-up Products,
  • Odorizers and Anti-perspirants,
  • Shaving Products,
  • Skincare Products,
  • Depilatories,
  • Nailcare Products,
  • Mouthcare Products,
  • Haircare and Cleaning Products,
  • Hair coloring Products.

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