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31000 - Risk Management System

31000 - Risk Management System

Several of an organisation’s activies incorporate risks. Organizations identify, analyze, grade potential risks and manage them by evaluating whether they can be adjusted. In this process, organizations control the changes in their activities, communicate and consult with their stakeholders, ensure whether there are additional issues to be taken into consideration in addressing the risks, monitor the risk by controlling the factors that modify existing risks and review them. The standard delineates in detail this systematic and logical process. While all organizations manage risks to a degree, this standard establishes several principles to enable effectiveness of risk management. It recommends developing, implementing and continual improvement of a framework aimed at unifying the risk management process in regards to general management, strategy and planning, management, reporting processes, policies, values and culture. The general approach defined in this standard provides principles and general criteria to manage any kind of risk in a systematic, transparent and reliable manner in regards to scope and content.

TS ISO 31000 facilitates;

  • Foreseing potential future obstacles,
  • Implementing proactive measures against risks,
  • Minimizing surprises and losses,
  • Rapid and effective decision making,
  • Saving time,
  • Preventing wasting resources,
  • Keeping risks at a reasonable level,
  • Ensuring business continuity,
  • Improved odds of achieving objectives,
  • Encouring proactive management,
  • Awareness within organizations in regards to the need to identify and address risks,
  • Analyzing threats and opportunities,
  • Conformance to relevant legal and legislative requirements as well as international norms,
  • Confidence and credibility in the eyes of Stakeholders,
  • Providing a reliable basis for decision making and planning,
  • Allocating and utilizing resources in an effective manner to address risks,
  • Increased operational effectiveness and efficiency.

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