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39001 - Road Traffic Safety Management System

39001 – Road Traffic Safety Management System

TS ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System Standard specifies requirements for a road traffic safety system aimed at reducing fatalities and serious injuries related to road collisions that can be influenced by government and private organizations interacting with road traffic system, and managing and thereby reducing or completely removing risks. This standard focuses on managing societal safety risks in relation to accidents that can cause emotional as well as physical injury. It therefore enables organizations to establish, implement, improve, determine policies and strategies for a road traffic safety management system as well as fulfil commitments, create awareness by increasing sensitivity in public, enhance culture of traffic, support audit process, improve system performance, conform to international requirements, and targets government and private organizations related to road traffic system.

  • Organizations engaged in road construction and maintenance,
  • Road design organizations,
  • Organizations utilizing road network (such as road travel agencies, carrier and courier agencies, fuel transport and distribution companies, shuttle services, sale and marketing companies, other organizations with personnel traveling on road)
  • Government agencies (law enforcement, local administrations) can benefit from this standard.

Implementing this standard can facilitate:

  • Reduced fatalities and injuries due to accidents,
  • Reduced loss of business and workforce,
  • Reduced delays in operations,
  • Preventing loss of service and product due to accidents,
  • Reduced insurance and damages costs,
  • Providing vehicle efficiency,
  • Increased employee satisfaction thru reduced stress,
  • Refreshed and improved image for organizations.

It is imperative that organizations of any scale, grass roots bodies as well as individual road users demonstrate engagement in the system to support the state apparatus in managing socioeconomical, physical and emotional impacts arising from any hindrances in ensuring road traffic safety, which underlines the importance of implementing this standard

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