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9001 - Quality Management System

9001 – Quality Management System

The world nowadays has become smaller, and major developments in information, technology and communications fields have diverted societies towards a fierce competition and an economic race with ever changing developments.
Under the current global order, survival requires provision of products and services in line with customer needs and expectations, which can be achieved by implementing a Quality Management System that targets continual improvement and encompasses all stages, starting by design, and then to production/ provision, marketing and after sale services.
Since its first introduction in 1987, TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard has now become the most sought after International Standard with the broadest field of implementation.

TS EN ISO 9001 facilitates;

  • Development of quality concept within organisations,
  • Improvement of profit, efficiency and market share,
  • Efficient management,
  • Reduced costs,
  • Employee satisfaction,
  • Improvement of internal communication,
  • Broad monitoring and control of all activities,
  • Reduced returned goods/services,
  • Reduced customer complaint, increased customer satisfaction,
  • Applicability at national and international level.

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