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Due to the new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that emerged in Wuhan, China and affected all over the world, Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) has prepared and published the “Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide” for organizations to avoid this process with minimal damage (For Industrial Organizations). The new type of this coronavirus is a very new type of virus as of the date of its detection. Research on this virus still are being carried out all over the world, and new information and findings regarding the transmission, spread, prevention and treatment of the virus are being obtained continually.

With the help of the “Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide” which includes hygiene practices and control recommendations in order to raise awareness about Covid-19 transmitted by droplet or contact, TSE will not only guide companies for struggling with the pandemic but also for their production in accordance with the standards of “reliable, non-pandemic and hygienic production”.

Besides, TSE published TS 13811 Hygiene and Sanitation System Management Standard, the first and sole Management System Standard, 2 years ago and has been conducting training and certification activities in the field of Hygiene and Sanitation.

This guide aims to ensure that industrialists in all sectors are familiar with infection prevention and control procedures. The measures introduced take care of the health of employees, visitors, suppliers, i.e. all stakeholders in industrial enterprises. In this framework, TSE ensures that simple but effective measures can be taken without imposing high costs on companies. If industrial organizations want to establish safe and hygienic production in their facilities, they should consider all the recommendations in the guide. In this respect, the guide will not only guide organizations in combating the pandemic, but will also provide certification of the organizations' compliance with the reliable and hygienic production standards which are needed by the post-pandemic period.

Accordingly, industrial facilities are inspected and those who meet the standards stated in the guide and those passed the audit by carrying out their processes within this direction will be given the COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate which is an international quality certificate. While the COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate is issued, it covers maintaining the physical distance, wearing masks, providing appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures and also contagious reduction measures such as hand hygiene and how these measures should be implemented in the organization.

This certification brings about important advantages to all segments. It is foreseen that such certifications will keep international trade under healthy conditions and make a company one step ahead in the competition. Foreign customers will pay more attention whether the companies they deal meet the hygiene requirements. Employees will trust their workplaces more than before, strengthen their sense of belonging and contribute to productivity. Consumers' doubts about hygiene and sanitation will be eliminated for the production in compliance with the human health.




Turkey's Safe Tourism Certification program defines proposed measures serious of wide spectrum ranging from transportation to accommodation, facility staff to passengers' state of health for domestic and international visitors who will spend their vacation in Turkey.

Safe Tourism Certification Programme, which is one of the first practices of the world, has been prepared under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture of Tourism and with the contributions of the Ministries of Health, Transportation, Interior and Foreign Affairs and all stakeholders in the sector including Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). Besides, TSE has been authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to carry out Safe Tourism Certification.

This Certification offers companies many benefits as follows:

  • Getting one step ahead in local and international competition
  • Demonstrating the safety of the facility to employees, guests and all other concerned parties
  • Providing trust for employees, guests and all other concerned parties as a facility that is periodically subjected to hygiene and health audits by an accredited body
  • Promoting of the business and increasing guest capacity during the pandemic

With the Safe Tourism Certificate logo, which can be seen on the visible points of the facilities, customers will be able to access all the audit information about the facility by a square code on the document; thus transparency will be provided for the whole process.


For more information please contact:

Mesut DURU, Head of the Department

Management Systems Certification


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