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Product Certification

 TSE in Product Certification

We, as continue strengthening our experience of 50 years and 60.000 certificates in product certification via TSE Certification Center and TSE Representative Offices abroad. 

Product Certification Industries

  • Food Industry
  • Machinery Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Construction Materials Industry
  • Chemistry Industry
  • IT Industry


The certificates belonging to various industries within the scope of product certification activities are:

  • Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards

  • Certificate of Conformity to TSE Criterion

  • TSE - Ex Conformity Certificate

  • TSE Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate

  • TSE Certificate of Conformity to Harmonized Documents

  • SPICE Certificate

  • Certificate of Conformity to Common Criteria

  • Cryptographic Modules Certificate

  • E1 Formaldhyde Emmission Certificate

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate

  • G Mark

  • CB Test Certificate


  • CCA - NTR Certificate


  • CENELEC KEYMARK Certificate


  • Unit Verification Certificate


You can make Product Certification applications by online on BelgeNET.


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