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CE Marking

TSE in CE Marking

We, as , have provided services in conformity assessment processes relating to  mark with our expert staff and more than 50 years of experience in laboratory and certification.

Our Institution is notified in;

  • Construction Materials Regulation,
  • Lift Directive,
  • Pressured Equipments Directive,
  • Gas Burning Devices Directive,
  • Personal Protective Equipment Directive,
  • Medical Device Directive,
  • In Vitro Medical Diagnosis Devices Directive,
  • New Hot Water Boilers Directive,
  • Non Automatic Weighing Instrument Directive,
  • Directive on Equipment and Protective Systems Intended For Use In Potentially Explosive Atmospheres,
  • Measuring Instruments Directive

with the notification number of 1783.

You can view our notified body scope from here.

You can make CE Marking and/ CE Conformity Attestation applications by contacting our Representative Office in your country or online on BelgeNET.


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