Transportation and Logistics Systems

Transportation and Logistics Systems

About Transportation and Logistics Systems Center Presidency

Active Services offered under our Center Presidency's fields of activity;




With the Protocol between Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and TSI in 23/12/2003 the services started to given  within the "Regulation of production, modification and installation of vehicles" since 15/02/2004;

The Approval of the Certificate of Conformity in Individual Vehicle for Imports

With the inspection of imported vehicle without Type Approval Certificate; for Imports The approval of the Certificate of Conformity in Individual Vehicle within the "Regulation of production, modification and installation of vehicles".

Giving Vehicle Serial Modification Type Approval Certificate

According to the request of the modification companies Giving Vehicle Serial Modification Type Approval Certificate  after inspection on production place and prototype vehicle within the modifications specified in  "Regulation of production, modification and installation of vehicles".  

Controls of Imported Vehicles under the supervision of Customs and Issue of "Imported Vehicle Eligibility Letter"

At the request of the applicant; the customs area in which  imported vehicles are held is visited and controls are made.  As result of controls, "Imported Vehicle Eligibility Letter" is issued to be submitted to the relevant customs Office.

Admittance of Appropriate Technical Documentation in Accordance with the Machinery Safety Regulation Prepared by Firms Which Performs Installments of Upper Structures with Hydraulic Components to Vehicles and Issue of "Eligible Technical Documentation" Letter

Firms which mount/install upper structures with hydraulic components to vehickes prepare technical documentation in accordance with 2006/42/EC Machinery Safety Regulations. The technical documentation is admitted, controlled and "Eligible Technical Documentation" letter is issued.

Individual Vehicle Approval Certificate of Compliance for Production

Upon car manufacturer’s request, Certificate of Regulation Conformity for Vehicle Production, Modification and Assembly for produced vehicles by a car manufacturer is approved.

Approval of Road Conformity Certificate for  Individual Vehicle Approval

For vehicles imported for free or by incentives, and for vehickes being sold by the Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Liquidation Affairs Fund General  Administration (TASİŞ), or vehicles that are old, the "Road Conformity Certicate for Individual Vehicle" is approved.

Approval Certificate of Conformity for Modification  of Individual Vehicles

Approval of the ApprovalCertificate of Conformity for Construction of Individual Vehicle after the production of the vehicles in the permissible scale of modification according to the "Regulation of production, modification and installation of vehicles".




Vehicle Type Approval Services Directorate perform services given by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Moreover, WMI allocation processes Type approval conformity assessment according to 2007/46/EC Annex V, Annex XVII and 2003/37/EC Annex II Section 2 Appendix 2 are done by Vehicle Type Approval and Inspection Directorate.



Perform packages, packers, tanks and similar covers' (except to the extent of containers entering CSC Convention) approval, certification and inspection services Within The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) Annex A Part 6; The European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID) Annex A Part 6; The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG Code) Annex 6; International Civil Aviation Organization - Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air ICAO-TI) Part 6 and IATA's Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations by Air (IATA-DGR) Part 6 and 10.



Certification Directorate perform certification and inspection services for all vehicles such as ambulances inspections.

Moreover, TSE/TSEK Certification and Equivalent Parts Certification are done by Certification Directorate.


a- Vehicle Control Centers Project

As an approval body for scope of "Regulation of production, modification and installation of vehicles", TSI plan to control, inspection and report vehicles which are done technical changes under this Regulation. For this purpose, 18 Vehicle Control Centers construction and installation are began.


b- Road Safety Project

According to Protocol signed between Bahcesehir University and TSI on 26/11/2012 for cooperation in Transportation Systems the studies has started to work on preparing a substructure about Highway Barrier systems.

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