New Management Systems


This standard is a valid standard at all international platforms that has been prepared by ISO in a high-level structure, regardless of any geographical, political, economic, commercial and social boundaries with an aim to increase compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, to ensure a sustainable, safe and healthy working environment for all employees, to prevent occupational diseases, to minimize occupational accidents, to identify risks by defining hazards, to provide continuous improvement with proactive measures and to strengthen organizational structure.

TS ISO 45001 provides;

  • Increasing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Creating a corporate culture and developing a sense of belonging through creation of a safe and sustainable working environment,
  • Pprevention of injury, disability and, in particular, occupational diseases,
  • Prevention of labor loss
  • Creating a positive image and increasing the brand value,
  • Take an active role in the establishment of public health through proactive measures

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