Green Port/Eco Port Project

Green Port/Eco Port Project

Green Port/Eco Port project was initiated within the framework of December 16th, 2014 dated protocol signed between General Directorate of Maritime Trade under Ministry of Transportation, Communication and Maritime Affairs, and Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). Participation in the project is on voluntary- basis.

Its purpose is to utilize, for certification, TS EN ISO 9001 "Quality Management System" to enhance effectiveness of quality management system; TS EN ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System" to reduce environmental risks due to port and ship operations; TS 18001 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" to be able to prevent occupational accidents within port premises.

Green Port/Eco Port" protocol aims to:
- Establish an integrated quality management system approach for port facilities,
- Preserve and improve sea water quality around port facilities,
- Reduce environmental pollution due to port and ship operations,
- Maximize energy savings and maintain maximum level of energy efficiency in port operations,
- Reduce greenhouse gases and harmful emissions due to activities inside port boundaries,
- Develop and implement renewable energy projects,
- Reduce amount of waste due to port operations, by means of enabling waste recycling,
- Implementing and maintaining required measures for port operations in regards to occupational health and safety,

Thru the Green Port/Eco Port cooperation protocol, this certification based on sector-specific criteria offers for Port Operators a combined certification package including TS EN ISO 9001 QMS certification, TS EN ISO 14001 EMS certification and TS 18001 OHSAS certification.

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For Detailed Information;
Head of System Certification Group                       0312 416 64 53
Management Systems Development Directorate     0312 416 63 11




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