CE Marking

Lift Directive

Lift Directive (2014/33/EU)

Our Scope:

- Full quality assurance- Modul H1

- Production quality assurance- Modul D

- Product quality assurance - Modul E 

- Unit verification - Modul G 

- EC type-examination - Modul B 

- Product verification - Modul F



The Conformity Assessment Procedures For Lifts:

Application process starts when documents given below as list reach Turkish Standards Institution. After the evaluation of documents, the onside audit dates are set by Turkish Standards Institution and firms applying for CE certification and the onside audit performed within one week if there are no absent documents during application process. Afterward the completion of the onside audit, the firm will have right to take certificate if Non Conformities are not determined related to firms during onside audit. Certification process takes one week if there are no Non Conformities.

It is firm's responsibility to give information about fundamental changing in firm system by means of Technical File Amendment Form


Application Documents:

1-     Conformity Assesment Application Form

and Agreement (must be filled 2 copies)

2-      Quality System Modules Information Form

3-      Copy of any Official document clearly showing the legal status of the applicant and its representatives and official            

4-      Notarial attestation of authorized signature of the persons with representative and binding authority of the applicant organization/ For  foreign applications Turkish Embassy's attestation is required.

5-      If the applicant and the manufacturer are different from each other the contract showing the agreement between them.

6-      Copy of Brand Registration Certificate

7-      Prepayment Receipt (3000 USD) 

8-      Quality System File (The documents which Quality System File must contain are: Quality Manual, Procedures, Test Instructions and List of Forms, EC Type Examination Certificate (if exists), EC Design Examination Certificate (if exists)

9-  Technical File  (Technical File must contain at least the following documents:)

9.1 General Information about applicant firm

9.1.1  Presentation of the Applicant Firm (Name and Address of the manufacturer, if the application is lodged by the Authorised Representative then Name and Address of the Authorised Representative)

9.1.2  EU Decleration of Conformity (showing compatibility with harmonized European Standards and regulations )

9.1.3- Technical characteristics of the lift,

9.1.4- Delivery Form of Technical File (signed)

9.1.5- Quality Manegement System Certificate - ISO 9001 (If available),

9.1.6- Certicates of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (If available),

9.2- Mechanical - Assembling Drawings

9.2.1- Mechanical Project and drawings ,

9.2.2- Electric Circuit Diagram(s)

9.3- EC declarations of conformity of relevant safety components as listed below;

9.3.1- Overspeed Limitation Device (speed governor)

9.3.2- Device to prevent the lift car from falling (safety gear) / Device to prevent uncontrolled upwards movement

9.3.3- Device for Locking Landing Door

9.3.4- Buffers

9.3.5- Electric Safety Switches containing electronic components

9.3.6- List of used  materials ( trademark,properties,  TSE / TSEK and/or  NoBo Numbers)

9.4- Lift Report

9.4.1- Checklist for Assmebling,

9.4.2- Final Inspection Report,

9.5- User Guide

9.5.1- Instructions for use of the lift

9.5.2- Emergency procedures

9.6- Maintenance Handbook,

9.7- Log Book

9.8- Risk Assessments (If available)



In order to get TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate together with CE Marking Conformity Assessment Certification, Quality Management System Application Forms are required to be filled as well. These forms can be obtained from www.tse.org.tr




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