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MID MI-001 Water Meters

MID MI-002 Gas Meters and Volume Conversion Devices

MID MI-003 Active Electrical Energy Meters

MID MI-004 Thermal Energy Meters

MID MI-005 Measuring Systems for the Continuous and Dynamic Measurement of Quantities of Liquids Other Than Water

Module B: EU-Type Examination

Module D: Conformity to Type Based on Quality Assurance of the Production Process

Module F: Conformity to Type Based on Product Verification

Module H1: Conformity Based on Full Quality Assurance Plus Design Examination



CE Marking Conformity Assessment Procedures:

In order to start an application, documents listed below are needed to be submitted to our Institution. After application documents are evaluated and accepted, the dates of examination are determined by agreement with the applicant company in the following week. If non-conformities are not detected in the examination, then Company is entitled to obtain a certificate from our Institution.  

Companies are obliged to inform TSE about the important changes they have made in their systems by using "Technical File Amendment Notification Form"

Application Documents:


1- Conformity Assesment Application Formand Agreement (2 copies will be signed and submitted together with the application documents)

 2- MID Information Form

 3- A copy of the Company’s registration document to confirm  the name of the applicant organization, its legal status and its executives who are authorised to represent and bind, and an equivalent legal document  for the foreign organization.

4- Certified circular of signature for  authorised executives of applicant company

5- If Applicant Company and Manufacturer are different parties, a formal document indicating agreement between the parties is required

 6- A Copy of Trademark Registration Certificate

 7- Prepayment Receipt (3000 USD)

 8- Quality System File

The Quality System File should include at least the following documents; Quality Manual, Procedures, List of Test Instructions and Forms, EU Type Examination Certificate (if applicable), EU Design Examination Certificate (if applicable),

Technical documentation must include at least the following documents:

 9.1 The technical documentation shall render the design, manufacture and operation of the measuring instrument intelligible and shall permit an assessment of its conformity with the applicable requirements of this Directive.

 9.2 The technical documentation shall be sufficiently detailed to ensure compliance with the following requirements:

 9.2 1. A general description of the measuring instrument;

9.2.2  The definition of the metrological characteristics;,

 9.2.3. Accuracy of the measuring instrument ,

 9.2.4. The reproducibility of the metrological performances of produced measuring instruments when properly adjusted using appropriate intended means;

 9.2.5. Conceptual design and manufacturing drawings and plans of components, sub-assemblies, circuits, etc.;

9.2.6. Manufacturing procedures to ensure consistent production;

 9.2.7. If applicable, a description of the electronic devices with drawings, diagrams, flow diagrams of the logic and general software information explaining their characteristics and operation;

9.2.8. Descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of the information referred to in points (9.2.3), (9.2.4) and  (9.2.7) including the operation of the measuring instrument;,

9.2.9. A list of the harmonised standards and/or normative documents applied in full or in part,

 9.2.10. Descriptions of the solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements where the harmonised standards and/or normative documents referred to in Article 14 have not been applied, including a list of other relevant technical specifications applied;

 9.2.11. Results of design calculations, examinations, etc.;

9.2.12. The appropriate test results, where necessary, to demonstrate that the type and/or the measuring instruments comply with the following:

— The requirements of this Directive under declared rated operating conditions and under specified environmental disturbances,

— The durability specifications for gas-, water-, thermal energy-meters as well as for liquids other than water,

9.2.13. The EU-type examination certificates or EU design examination certificates in respect of measuring instruments containing parts identical to those in the design.

9.2.14. The manufacturer shall specify where seals and markings have been applied.

 9.2.15. The manufacturer shall indicate the conditions for compatibility with interfaces and sub-assemblies, where relevant,.

 9.2.16.  Photographs of the measuring instrument from different directions

9.2.17.  Exploded view drawings of constituent parts of the measuring instrument and list of important constituent parts of the measuring instrument.

9.3  A written declaration that the same application has not been lodged with any other notified body;

In order to receive TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate along with CE Marking Conformity Assessment Certification, Quality Management System Application Forms are also needed to be filled while these forms can be obtained from www.tse.org.tr  


Please contact us for any further question and our fees.

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