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Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive

Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive (2009/23/EC)


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Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments

EC Type Examination (Module B)

Production Quality Assurance (Module D)


CE Marking Conformity Assessment Procedures

Application is made when the documents in the following list have been sent to TSE. If the documents are not incomplete after they have been checked, inspection date(s) is/are determined by coming to an agreement with the applicant in the consequent week and the inspection is implemented. If no non-conformity is found after the inspection has been carried out, the applicant is entitled to a certificate. In case the documents are not incomplete and there is no non-conformity, certification process is fulfilled in approximately 1 week.

The applicants are obliged to inform TSE concerning the significant amendments they have made in their system by means of "Technical File Amendment Notification Form."


Application Documents

1)   Conformity Assesment Application Form

and Agreement (must be filled 2 copies)

2)      Information Form

3-4)      A copy of Trade Registry Gazette which indicates the title, legal tender and the managers having representative and binding authority of the Applicant Firm. For foreign applicants: an equivalent legal document is required (original or notarized document)

5)      Authorised Signatory List of the authorised persons of the Applicant (original or notarized document)

6)      In case the Applicant and Manufacturing Place are different; confirmed document presenting the agreement between them

7)      A copy of the registration of trademark document


Prepayment Receipt (3000 USD) 


8)      Document manifesting the application advance payment

9)      Quality System File (The documents which Quality System File must contain are: Quality Manual, Procedures, Test Instructions and List of Forms, EC Type Examination Certificate (if exists), EC Design Examination Certificate (if exists))

10)      Technical File

      Technical File must contain at least the following documents:

      10.1.1) General definition of the type

      10.1.2) Manufacturing drawings and plans, assembly parts, circuits etc. of the planned designs and components

      10.1.3) Necessary definitions and explanations in order to easily understand the above and the operation of the weighing instrument

      10.1.4) List of the standards applied in full or in part referred to in Article 6 of the directive and if the standards referred to in Article 6 of the directive have not been applied, definition of solutions adopted to meet the Essential Requirements

      10.1.5) Results of the design calculations and tests carried out

      10.1.6) Test Reports

      10.1.7) EC Type Approval Certificates and results of the relevant tests carried out on the devices containing parts similar to the ones used in design

      10.1.8) EC Type Examination Certificates or EC Design Examination Certificates related to the Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument (for quality modules)

      10.1.9) Locations of seals and signs specified by the manufacturer

      10.1.10) if necessary, manifesting the conformity requirements of the Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument to intermediate units

      10.1.11) Photo of different aspects of the Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument

      10.1.12) Diagrams of constituent parts of the Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument and a list of important parts

10.2) a written declaration concerning the application has not been lodged through any other Notified Body


In order to get TS EN ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certificate together with CE Marking Conformity Assessment Certification, Quality Management System Application Forms are required to be filled as well. These forms can be obtained from www.tse.org.tr



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