CE Marking

Equipment and Protective Systems Intended For Use In Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive

Our Scope:

  • Internal control of production + receipt of technical file - Art. 8.1 (b) (ii)
  • Product quality assurance - Annex VII
  • Unit verification - Annex IX
  • Production quality assurance - Annex IV
  • Conformity to type - Annex VI
  • Product verification - Annex V
  • EC type-examination - Annex III.

 Application Forms:

1. Conformity Assesment Application Form

and Agreement (must be filled 2 copies)

2. Information Form

3. Prepayment Receipt (3000 USD) 

4. Technical File:

For Ec Type Examination

— a general type-description;

— design and manufacturing drawings and layouts of components, sub-assemblies, circuits, etc.;

— descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of said drawings and layouts and the operation of the product;

— a list of the standards referred to in Article 5, applied in full or in part, and descriptions of the solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements of the Directive where the standards referred to in Article 5 have not been applied;

— results of design calculations made, examinations carried out, etc.;

— test reports.

--- EC Decleration of Conformity

For Quality Assurance Notification :

— the quality objectives and the organizational structure, responsibilities and powers of the management with regard to equipment quality;

— the manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance techniques, processes and systematic actions which will be used;

— the examinations and tests which will be carried out before, during and after manufacture and the frequency with which they will be carried out;

— the quality records, such as inspection reports and test data, calibration data, reports on the qualifications of the personnel concerned, etc.;

— the means to monitor the achievement of the required equipment quality and the effective operation of the quality system.

 It is firm's responsibility to give information about fundamental changing in firm system by means of Technical File Amendment Form     

Please communicate with us for your questions and our fees.

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