Directorate of Accrual:

  1. To realize the payment of salaries, over time payments etc. of TSE employees,
  2. To realize the declarations to Social Security Entity (SGK),
  3. To realize the related payments to the Technical Committee members who take role in standard preparation activities and all other committees who take role in other specialty sectors.


Directorate of Planning and Development:

  1. To realize all kinds of employee procedures for external inspection employees (Acceptance of applications, forming a pool, entry and exit from insurance system, follow up of contracts, scoring, statistical and financial reportings)
  2. Evaluation of all kinds of education, military, private sector and government services of TSE employees (adaptation procedures)
  3. To realize the change of titles procedures of TSE employees
  4. To realize the retirement procedures of TSE employees
  5. To realize the resignation procedures of TSE employees
  6. To realize the benefit severance procedures of TSE employees
  7. To realize the promotion procedures of TSE employees every month
  8. To realize the Foreign Language payments procedures of TSE employees
  9. To realize the military procedures of TSE employees.


Directorate of Allowance and Health Procedures:

  1. To meet the social needs of TSE personnel related with allowance, health reports, marriage, birth, death etc. and follow up of payment supports in accordance with regulations
  2. To realize the passport, visa, official letters and correspondence with Ministries for TSE personnel who will go abroad on duty and notification of Social Security Entity about health reports, follow up of the relevant payments and realization of notification of relevant entities
  3. Follow up of electronic access systems, archive services (general records related with personnel files that have not expired), realization of relevant allowances and payments for TSE personnel that are enrolled in Higher Education and Doctorate studies and foreign language education and realization of secretariat work of Thesis Follow Up Board.


Directorate of Promotion, Discipline and Credentials:

  1. Realization of personnel enrollment, nobility approval procedures, assignment, promotion to titled positions, appointment by proxy, appointment at the end of leave without pay, appointment at the end of military service, appointment at the end of election period, temporary appointments, appointments outside of TSE and ordered proxy procedures.
  2. Keeping records of positions and ensuring detailed information entrance about the number of employees to e-BUMKO web site of Ministry of Finance every three months until the 20th of the following month.
  3. To realize the procedures related with court decisions referred to our department, procedures related with inspection files, procedures related with discipline and higher discipline boards, correspondence with related departments in accordance with inspection reports, sending information and documents as required by the Legal Advisory to be used as base of defense for lawsuits against TSE and sending approved copies of information and documents as required by the court and prosecution office.
  4. To prepare answers to official letters to whom it may concern, authorization documents and employment applications.
  5. To realize the procedures related with declaration of property.
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